Offshore VPN refers to a VPN service whose physical servers are not located in a country that is listed among the “Five Eyes”. The “Five Eyes” is basically a group of countries including the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada that have come together with an aim of applying strict data protection and retention laws to censor internet usage within and outside their boundaries.

Therefore, a VPN service that is physically located in any of these countries is subject to the applicable data protection laws. Any other VPN service that is located outside these countries in the areas with less strict data protection laws is known as offshore VPN. The information transmitted through offshore VPN servers is less monitored or restricted by the data retention laws of any country. Therefore, you can use offshore VPN to access sensitive information from any server without any locational barriers. Basically, the offshore VPN helps to access unlimited content even within the restricted countries without leaving a trace of internet access. Below are some of the best offshore VPN services that you should know;

  1. PureVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. CyberghostVPN
  5. FrootVPN


The physical servers to PureVPN service are located in Hong Kong, which has few restrictions on internet censorship. The Hong Kong government does not survey the internet users thus PureVPN is the best option for you to access the internet with guaranteed privacy very affordable. Using the PureVPN provides you with an excellent encryption mechanism without any logging policies. Interface and usability of this VPN service is the most distinguished feature you first notice when using the PureVPN since its signup process is easy and straightforward. PureVPN is quite reliable in terms of performance and speed as it improves your internet connectivity and is compatible with a wide range of Operating Systems and full-time customer support. PureVPN secures your data through advanced encryption mechanisms over different internet protocols such as the PPTP, TSL, and SSL.
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PureVPN charges $10.95 monthly, which is relatively expensive compared to other VPN services in the market.


This is a popular VPN service whose physical servers are conveniently located in the British Virgin Islands. ExpressVPN has a zero logging policy that gives you a secure browsing experience using a reliance internet protocol and 256-bit AES encryption mechanisms. The reliability of ExpressVPN service is guaranteed by its 24-hour customer support and approximately 1500 servers that are spread across the world. This VPN service has private servers in restricted countries such as China thus can be used in every part of the world. Compared to other VPN services, ExpressVPN seems relatively expensive but its service is worth the cost. Additionally, the service has a reward scheme to motivate the users by offering you a free month subscription for you and every new client that you refer to use the service. Express VPN appeals new clients by offering a one-month money back guarantee if it fails to match your online privacy expectations. Basically, ExpressVPN allows you to access information from protected sites and applications securely through powerful data encryption mechanisms. The service is compatible for devices using Android Operating System, Mac OS, Linux OS, and Windows OS. If you are thinking of a reliable VPN service, think of ExpressVPN!


Do not joke with your anonymity

NordVPN is a popular service whose headquarters and physical servers are located in Panama where policies regarding data retention are less strict. This service, therefore, guarantees that your internet access history will not be available to anyone else. The outstanding features of NordVPN include double VPN that secures your online presence by routing traffic to two different servers thus blocking malware and phishers prying your browsing history. NordVPN is well-established with around 4000 servers to ensure that you can safely connect from any part of the world. This service is pocket-friendly as it allows you to connect up to five users simultaneously thus saving you the online privacy costs for different devices. In the event of DNS leaks, NordVPN has an automated Kill switch that protects you from Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Nord VPN charges flexible subscription costs that may seem expensive but worthy the service. One month subscribers pay $11.95 per month while the annual subscribers pay $6.99 every month. If you choose to subscriber for half an year, you will pay $9.00 monthly.

CyberGhost VPN

This VPN service is considered the most reliable among its competitors based on the quality of online freedom that it offers you. The service is based in Romania where data retention laws are quite basic thus allowing you to browse securely and limitlessly. CyberGhost VPN is widely known for the strict online privacy measures offered to the users accessing the internet through public Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, this VPN service offers unique file sharing capabilities that allow you to securely and efficiently transfer information and download large files without the fear of compromise. CyberGhost VPN has created a special mobile application that is compatible with different operating systems to allow the users to access full-time customer care service. Not only is this service cheap compared to its competitors in the market, but also it offers a full-month money-back guarantee for the new users in case the service does not meet your expectations. This is the best option if you are a typically skeptical person who cares how your money is spent.


This is a Sweden-based VPN service that was founded to offer free VPN services through it eventually started charging the subscribers. In just 3 years since it was founded, FrootVPN has attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The popularity of Froot VPN is based on its ability to support a wide range of internet protocols that guarantee advanced data encryption for all information that you transmit through the network. Additionally, it supports devices using any type of operating system and internet protocol. This service supports all types of operating systems thus solving your compatibility issues. Flexible subscription packages provide you with favorable options that suit your specific financing needs. Froot VPN allows you to securely connect multiple devices up to five connections for one account thus it’s the best option for exclusive online privacy. In addition to the affordability of the service, Froot VPN offers you flexible and convenient payment methods such as Paypal, Mastercard, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and giropay.